Solving problems like global hunger is incredibly complex and time-consuming. Finding trustworthy and evidence-based charities shouldn't be.

We simplify the process of discovering high-impact charities and causes that are worthy of your time and money.


20 South Sarah St, St. Louis, MO 63108 Jenn@dontwaitdonate.org


We believe...

1. People are super generous.

2. Anyone can make a difference by giving their time, skills or money.

3. In working together to create effective change.

4. In supporting and promoting the best organizations.

5. That sustainability and transparency are key to making a lasting impact.



Headshots 4 Hunger

Our first Impact Initiative is a pop-up headshot studio that serves universities, coworking spaces, companies, and community events.

In exchange for a donation to our charity partners, participants receive two professional headshots. We bring the photographer and lighting. Together we take on global nutrition.


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